Can I Tell You A Story?

Bring the fun
of Photobooth Barcelona®
your event!

Photobooth Barcelona® born with the idea of ancient Instant photo booths that were in malls, bus stations, supermarkets and subways in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Asia.
We’ve taken that idea and we have modernized the concept. Now we manufacture our cabins with the latest technology. The booth is lightweight, collapsible and with high resolution equipment to produce high quality photos in seconds. We are the first to do this in Mexico and now we bring it to Spain!
Photobooth rented for a few hours or a few days, has provided an opportunity for event planners and advertising agencies to offer a new product with a memorable, innovative and transcendental.
Photobooth ensures that everyone at the party will have a great time. It is the first attraction in a place where everyone can enjoy regardless of age. The Photobooth creates moments of spontaneity and good humor, and at the same time, captures the most special and unique images and memories.
Even as a favorite of the past, Photobooth today offers a different way to add entertainment to a party and can make the event even more fun, memorable and unforgettable. For commercial use, Photobooth, as an advertising medium, is a unique way to introduce a new brand, product or experience that will leave a lasting impression.